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Salsoul 99.1 FM, an entertainment-based salsa radio station, is the leader in Puerto Rico, one of Arbitron's most competitive market. Salsoul 99.1 FM - WPR 4 Salsoul Estaciones de radio.

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Salsoul FAQ

What channel is Salsoul on the radio?

Salsoul is on 98.5 FM.

What frequency is Salsoul?

The Salsoul frequency is 98.5 FM.

What is on Salsoul now?

Click listen now to find out what is playing on Salsoul now.

What Music genre does Salsoul play?

Música Caribeña and news. Música Latina and news. Música Mundial and news. Salsa and news. Tropical and news.

Salsoul 98.5 FM San Juan Salsoul 98.5 FM San Juan from Puerto Rico
Se acerca la Fiesta Salsera mas esperada en Puerto Rico. April 6, 2018. PODCASTS. La Perrera. Un éxito que nació en SalSoul 99.1 en la UNO RADIO GROUP